3 students holding up medals for Super Smash Bros top 3 placement.

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Fortnite Ruleset

● Matches will consist of 3 consecutive games of arena solos Fortnite for Varsity.

● Matches will consist of 3 consecutive games of no build solos Fortnite for Junior Varsity.

● Fortnite scores will be input by IHSEA staff and are not the responsibility of coaches or players.

● If a player misses a match for any reason, they forfeit the points they might have earned that match.

● Players that miss three matches during the regular season will be disqualified from the tournament.

● In the event of a statistically significant uneven number of teams participating in one conference compared to the others, the total number of teams advancing from each conference will be adjusted to reflect the total percent of teams that conference has in relation to the total number of teams in the state (i.e. if the White Conference has 50% of total teams in the state, 50% of the Championship Lobby would be White Conference teams).

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State Competitor from Delavan

Overwatch Ruleset

● Each match will be a first to 3 map set. The team with the most map wins will win the match. 23

● In the event that a map ends in a tie, it counts for neither team. For example, if after having gone 1-1 after the first two maps map 3 is a tie, the match score remains 1-1.

● Standings Criteria:

  • Overall match record

  • Game Differential (Game/Set Win %)

  • Head to Head result (if applicable)

  • Strength of Schedule (Median-Buchholz)

● A bye will count as a match win and +0 for the game differential. A forfeit will count as a match win and +2 for the game differential of the winning team, but -2 for the game differential of the losing team. A double forfeit will count as a loss for both teams and a -2 game differential for both teams.

● Teams that forfeit 3 matches during the regular season will be removed from the tournament.

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  • Style: Stock

  • Stock: 3 Lives

  • Time Limit: 8:00

  • Final Smash Meter: Off

  • Spirits: Off

  • CPU Level: Any

  • Damage Handicap: Off

  • Stage Selection: Loser

  • Items: Off / None

  • Advanced Rules:

    • Damage Ratio: 1.0x

    • Pause: Off

    • Hazard Toggle: Off

  • Mii: All movesets legal

  • Stage Agreement: Players may agree to choose any legal stages, as an alternative to normal rules.

  • Pausing: If pausing is not turned off, players may pause while either player remains on their own respawn platform.

  • Self-Destruct Moves: In the event of a self destruct move that ends a game, the winner is determined by the results screen.

  • Sudden Death: In the case of a sudden death match, the winner is whoever has more stock or less percentage (if stock is tied). If there is a percentage tie or there is a tie on stock, a one-stock tiebreaker will be played with a 3-minute time limit. Sudden Death results are not valid. This process is repeated until a winner is determined.

  • Stage Selection for Wins: A player cannot pick a stage that they previously won.

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Smash Bros
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Valorant Ruleset:

  • All matches will consist of a “Best of 3” in a double elimination bracket. The team with the most map wins will win the match.

  • Scores are to be reported by both teams on LeagueOS within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the match. Including screenshots on score reports is encouraged, but not required.

    Gameplay Rules and Format

    1.) Lobby Rules:

    – Mode: Standard
    – Allow Cheats: Off
    – Tournament Mode: On
    – Overtime: Win by Two: On
    – Server Region: To be agreed upon by teams; if teams cannot come to an agreement, the tournament administrator will make a decision based upon regional latency.
    – Team Size: Five (5)
    – All Matches will be played on the latest patch.

    2.)Map Pool:

    – Bind
    – Haven
    – Split
    – Ascent
    – Icebox
    – Breeze

    Home/Away Designation:

    The higher seeded team will be designated as the “Home” team.

    2a.)Map Veto Process:

    Best of 3:
    – Home Team bans a map.
    – Away Team bans a map.
    – Home Team bans a map.
    – Home Team picks Map 1, Away Team chooses Map 1 side.
    – Away Team picks Map 2, Home Team chooses Map 2 side.
    – The team with a better round differential through two maps chooses Map 3 side.

    1. Each team will have five (5) minutes of pause time each map to address technical delays or disconnections. Teams will only be allowed to pause during the buy phase of a round. Pausing at any other time or for any reason deemed unreasonable by a tournament administrator can result in forfeiture of rounds or the map.

Special Rules:
Teams that forfeit 3 matches during the regular season will be removed from the tournament.

rocket league

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team playing rocket league
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Match Procedure

HSEL Supported Platforms

  • PC

2.1. Series Lengths

Matches are played as a best of 3 series during the regular season and as a best of 5 series in the playoffs and finals. 

2.2. Game Lobby

Matches will be played on chess.com, the home player will create the lobby and share the invite link with the away player.

  • Played on Chess.com

  • Setting: Custom Game

  • Time: 10 min Standard

  • Game Type: Standard

2.3 Draw Game

If the game ends in a draw, a new game must be played until a winner is decided. Draw games will not count towards the matches of the best of series.

Stoppage of Play

If a player were to disconnect from the match at any time they will be issued a forfeit for that round. If a player is unable to play all the required rounds for whatever reason, they will forfeit the remaining rounds.


Team Rosters

Only one roster is required for all Chess players on a School Team. Each player on the roster will be given their own match when they queue up at the designated match time. No player substitutions can be made at any point during the match, as the matches are set to be played 1v1.